10 years warranty


Our goal is to get children excited about cycling with SQEEDER bikes. Each wheel is a high quality product made with great care, innovative technology and durable materials.
We stand behind our bikes completely and therefore offer a 10-year guarantee on the aluminum frame, rigid fork, handlebars and stem. The guarantee comes into effect as soon as online registration takes place.

Warranty conditions
SQEEDER offers a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on the aluminum frame, rigid fork, handlebars and stem.
To benefit from the warranty, the SQEEDER bike must be registered on our website within 9 weeks of purchase. Please provide proof of purchase.

In the event of a warranty claim, SQEEDER reserves the right to repair or replace the defective parts at its sole discretion. If a particular part is no longer available in the same style, size or color, we will provide an equivalent replacement part. If a particular part or product is no longer manufactured or a suitable replacement part is not available, we may reject the warranty claim. Please note that there is no claim to original spare parts. Additional claims cannot be made. The guarantee does not cover direct or indirect consequential damage. Costs for labor, packaging or shipping are borne by the buyer.
Claiming the guarantee service has no impact on the duration of the guarantee.
The guarantee applies exclusively to private end users. End users who use or use the products as part of their professional activity (e.g. kindergartens) are excluded from the guarantee.
The guarantee is valid worldwide, is transferable and applies to the product, not to the person.
The statutory warranty claims remain unaffected by the guarantee.

What is NOT covered by the warranty?

Product area: Material and manufacturing defects in aluminum frames, rigid forks, handlebars, stems
Warranty period:
10 years from date of purchase*

  • Damage after falls or accidents
  • Suspension forks and spring elements
  • Wear parts, e.g. B. LEDs, dynamos, chains, tires, rims, brake pads, handles, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, and crank.
  • Damage to the paintwork
  • Damage after improper use such as freestyle, stunt performances or other overuse
  • Damage due to lack of care
  • Improper repairs by third parties who are not authorized SQEEDER# specialist dealers
  • Bicycles where the frame number has been changed, removed or made illegible
  • Changes to the original construction and addition of parts that are not intended for the corresponding bike